There is strong demand for eye care services across China. However, not everyone has easy access. Those living in rural areas face financial and logistical challenges that limit their ability to obtain eye care services. The main causes are an absence of high-quality services, a lack of qualified professionals and rudimentary infrastructure: all reasons that explain the high blindness rates in the Chinese countryside.


Supported project

The L'OCCITANE Foundation and L'OCCITANE China are supporting the NGO Orbis's project in China's Chaozhou countryside. The project aims to create an effective and sustainable network to prevent blindness by focusing on primary eye care services. To do this, Orbis is working on various fronts: training medical personnel, teaching rural populations about eye health, improving basic infrastructure, researching eye health, funding treatment, donating equipment for underprivileged patients, etc.

Some figures

The objective of this project is to solve the problem of access to eye care in rural areas by strengthening the existing network through the training of eye health professionals, improving basic infrastructure and better control of the most common eye diseases. The goal is to provide eye care to 50,000 residents by 2020 in this region.

2019 budget 40 000 euros


Project supported since 2014

Total budget 267 923 euros

Total goal 50 000 beneficiaries

L’OCCITANE China supported the NGO Orbis with similar projects in the Guangdong region in 2015, in Shandong in 2016, in Shenyang in 2017 and in Shanxi in 2018.

What's more, the L'OCCITANE Foundation directly funded a five-year project run by the NGO aiming to develop a comprehensive network of paediatric eye care services to save the eyesight and transform the lives of children across the Gansu province.