In 2017, trachoma and onchocerciasis continue to be the two most important tropical infections endangering sight.

According to the WHO, onchocerciasis affects more than one billion of the world's poorest and most vulnerable people. This infection spreads via the bite of a black fly, living near streams and rivers, which, if left untreated, leads to permanent blindness.

Trachoma affects 2 million people who are blind or visually impaired and endangers nearly 200 million people in endemic areas. It is the children who are most affected by this illness, preventing them from following correctly at school and jeopardizing their future.

According to a report by the NGO Sight Savers, an investment of $1 billion would permanently eliminate this infection, which costs the world economy 8 billion each year in lost productivity. The elimination of trachoma has been recognized as an imperative in the Sustainable Development Goals, capable of transforming the lives of millions of people and helping to reduce global poverty by 2020.


Supported project

In Burkina Faso, these diseases affect the entire country, threatening 16 million people every year, including the most vulnerable populations, women and children.

With the support of L'OCCITANE, the NGO Sight Savers is supporting the Ministry of Health in eliminating these 2 pathologies in the Cascades region, one of the 2 regions still endemic for Onchocerciasis, in Burkina Faso by 2021. This elimination strategy is based on 4 axes:
- Medical training oriented towards the treatment of Trachoma and Pnchocerciasis;
- Monitoring and awareness campaigns for Trachoma and mass treatment with Ivermectin for Onchocerciasis;
- Supply of material resources;
- Ownership of the strategy by local communities.

Some figures

The ultimate objective is to ensure that the 660,000 inhabitants of the Cascades region are permanently rid of these pathologies and to set up a system of surveillance and management of possible recidivism cases.

2019 budget 115 000 euros

2019 goal 57 365 beneficiaries


Project supported since 2013

Total budget 695 624 euros

Total goal 83 158 beneficiaries


Kone Sanata, 35 years old and mother of 6 children.

"I did not know I could catch this disease [onchocerciasis] while we live so close to the river. Taking these drugs is good for us as they protect us from these diseases. "

Kone Sanata