In 2018, only 267 of 2,515 students with eye diseases were able to receive treatment. This situation has highlighted certain shortcomings in the health system in Burkina Faso. Due to financial, geographical and knowledge barriers, many Burkinabés often do not have access to quality eye care. 


Supported project

L'OCCITANE Suisse and the Foundation support Optique solidaire in its project to improve eye health services in Burkina Faso. Initially, it is a question of training professionals in the fitting of glasses while others will be trained to carry out eye exams. These people will thus be able to provide a quality service in optics, optometry and ophthalmology by carrying out visual acuity screenings and eye examinations, as well as offering corrective glasses and/or eye care to populations with little access to them.  

Some figures

2020 budget 25 599 euros

2020 goal 9 400 beneficiaries