Located in Provence-Alpes Côte d'Azur, Jouques is a commune of strong rural tradition that has an exceptional natural heritage. However, parts of this heritage are now abandoned. Many olive groves are fallow, which means loss of rural heritage, erosion risks and fire damage to biodiversity. There is therefore a strong need for manpower to maintain and develop these natural and sensitive areas. Since 2016, Jouques has been one of the ten municipalities covered by the Territorial Law on Experimentation against Long-Term Unemployment1. This law allows long-term job seekers to be hired on indefinite contracts in social and solidarity economy activities.

1 Law of 29 February 2016 in order to reduce long-term unemployment in 10 voluntary territories.


Supported project

The L'OCCITANE Foundation supports the project of the Elan Jouques association taking into account the territorial experimentation law against long-term unemployment. This project aims to carry out a rehabilitation of 40 hectares of old olive groves with terraces. To do this, job seekers from the municipality will follow a training course for the restoration of these olive groves. Thus, this project allows direct job creation while enhancing the local natural heritage.

Some figures

This programme helps to create a local dynamic for the management of natural and sensitive areas while at the same time bringing out the necessary skills through training courses for 14 job seekers in the municipality.

Budget 7 000 euros

Objectif 14 beneficiaries


Maurice, employee at Elan Jouques

 I had already had the opportunity to work on dry stone walls and I was aware of the problem. This training allowed me to deepen my knowledge, to improve the techniques to rehabilitate the restanques and to put back into cultivation abandoned olive groves. I am proud to be part of this project to restore Provence’s traditional agricultural landscape and I would like to share and share what I have learned with others.”

Réhabilitation des oliveraies de la commune de Jouques