The Canadian health system is complex, comprising a myriad of disparate provincial and territorial services. When it comes to eye health, the situation is even more complicated because public and private services are mixed. In this tortuous system, information about eye care services is few and far between, meaning health professionals struggle to find resources to guide their patients appropriately about their particular eye issue. These information gaps make eye care services inaccessible to many Canadians, especially in rural and remote areas. Today, 5.5 million Canadians experience eye disease: a figure that is set to rise by 30% over the next 10 years.


Supported project

Since 2018, L'OCCITANE has been supporting the "Vision Care Pathways" project run by the charity Fighting Blindness Canada. . The project aims to guide health professionals and their patients on their eye health journeys by developing a unique tool that brings together all the data online. This tool will collect the information needed to treat patients appropriately: details about different diseases, resources and services to call on, clinical trials, genetic testing available, emerging treatments, etc. The information hub will educate patients, ophthalmologists, optometrists, opticians and other eye healthcare providers, allowing them to find the best treatment pathway for each patient.

Some figures

The goal of this project is to create an information hub to fill the gaps that make eye care inaccessible to many Canadians. This information will improve the knowledge of health care professionals and caregivers about avoidable blindness and other ocular pathologies to better guide patients through their care journey. The goal is to provide eye care to 300,000 people by 2020.

2019 budget 20 000 euros


Project supported since 2015

Total budget 56 272 euros

Total goal 300 000 beneficiaries

L'OCCITANE Canada has been supporting Fighting Blindness Canada since 2015.
In the first two years, L’OCCITANE supported the Vision Quest project: a series of educational events aimed at individuals and families living with sight loss. Vision Quest offers these people a unique opportunity to learn more about research into eye disease, ask leading retina experts questions and meet other people and families affected by retinal diseases.


Rebekah Valenti-Creery, a beneficiary

“I thoroughly enjoy and look forward to your Facebook Live updates. The FFB continues to do a phenomenal job at communicating the most relevant information and updates that impact people living with diseases of the retina.”  

Congrès Fighting Blindness Canada